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GAP-FREE printing is the latest screen printing technology proposed by Microtech.

Usually, in screen printing, a certain GAP (Snap-off distance) is provided between the screen mask and the substrate.

This is to allow the screen mask to lift from the substrate instantly after the squeegee, which pushes out the ink, passes over the printing pattern.

The tension of the screen mask causes it to automatically lift from the substrate almost simultaneously as the squeegee passes over it. This is the most fundamental and crucial point for increasing the resolution of the transferred ink.

However, since printing is done while stretching the screen, the printing pattern is actually slightly elongated.

The variation in dimensional accuracy due to this slight elongation poses a challenge for quality improvement, especially in the case of fine electronic components such as internal electrodes.

So, what is GAP-FREE printing, devised by Microtech, aiming to address?

It is a method that does not stretch the screen mask and yet causes it to lift from the substrate instantly after the squeegee passes over it.

If you are interested in improving dimensional accuracy in screen printing, please feel free to reach out.